Plugging people in with a source to elevate, educate, enlighten, elevate, entertain with the excellence of our producing, publishing and printing.


Our products are tools to inspire and entertain our audience. It provides an outlet to express artistic talents and opportunity to contribute outside those walls.

About Us

AKM Publishing, LLC was founded December 2020 by AK and Mari.

AK, Founder, is currently incarcerated in a Texas Prison since 2003. He developed the idea of creating a magazine that specifically caters to the inmate population.

Mari, Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer- Maintains business operations and is Chief Editor of all publications. Developed and introduced to the US Penitentary market the Tha Plugg Magazine.

Loke G, General Manager- Manages AKM's business partners and builds relationships with potential clients, artists and businesses. Stragetizes social media marketing.

We believe in second chances to choose better lives.