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Looking for a new individual that are not scared to share their point of view and meeting an honest man. You can email me on www.securustech.net My address is: Arvin Barboza #02150818 Ferguson Unit 12120 Savage Dr Midway, TX 75852

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My name is Michael, I'm from Waco, TX, and I'm a mix of at least 2 races. I'm 6' 1" and I come in weighing a healthy 210 lbs. You can't tell from my picture, but I got tattoos on my arms, legs, chest and stomach. I have a voice somewhere between Morgan Freeman and The Rock. So basically, the voice of an angel. LOL before I continue I wanna say that no matter what point you are in your life, you are loved and valued. Most importantly God loves you, He will give you signs and put the right...

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Hello new friend, I am hoping to catch a female's attention who is looking for a friendship. Someone to correspond with to talk about any and everything that life presents. The good and the bad with everything in between. I am a humble and smooth individual. I try to make the bests out of my situation. It has been rough on me at times but this struggle has made me stronger mentally. I have been isolated from population since 2012. This was due to pass and recent behavior. I have used my time in insolation wisely by attaining my GED,...

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